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Francesca Vella


I am Francesca Vella and I am a professional photographer. I specialise in family and event photography, and have been providing my services since 2018. 


I am passionate about capturing special moments and memories that will last a lifetime. My goal is to make sure that my clients receive the highest quality photos that will reflect the beauty of the event or family.

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My Story

From a young age, I have always had a camera in hand, capturing precious moments during family events and trips. It became a passion of mine to document every opportunity that unfolded before me. Then, in 2017, a turning point came when I received my first DSLR as a gift. From that moment on, you could always find it tucked away in every bag I carried.

After taking a year off from school, I was contacted by a government foundation and had the incredible opportunity to gain valuable experience with them. It was during this time that I truly honed my skills with the camera and learned how to excel under tight schedules.

The year 2018 proved to be a year of self-discovery for me. I was fortunate enough to photograph a wide array of events, ranging from captivating dance performances to press releases, even working alongside talented foreign artists. It was through these experiences that I found my true passion and decided to specialize in this particular niche.

Simultaneously, in that very same year, I enrolled as an Advanced Diploma student at MCAST. And now, as I approach the end of my academic journey, I am proud to say that I will be graduating with a Degree in Photography this year.

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